This June, in Williamsburg, Korea-based, cuisine-master and blogger, Youri Choe, hit the color jackpot, when she discovered the perfect ring-and-nail-polish combo.  

See the beautiful, soft-peach tone against the mesmerizing tiger's-eye quartz?  Lovely.

Sadly, the nail polish will not be available forever-- since it is a limited-edition hue by OPI, called "Chillin' Like a Villain" (to promote the latest Muppets film, Muppets Most Wanted).  But, you can still grab it up here and maybe find a twin ring at Artists and Fleas.

Youri's Gorgeous Hand

 Me, Youri Choe, and, Ning Zhou at Paulie Gee's, in Greenpoint, in June.


This is not actually true.  The best gifts are at LEIF!  But, some grand, extraordinary gifts are on Amazon, all the same.  

I was talking to one of my fabulous girlfriends recently about how fun it is to gift folks within your things-obsessions list:  like Fresh hand soaps and Harney & Sons 'Paris' tea.  

Calexico nachos are a little difficult to wrap.  But, the Tangle Teezer brush is the absolute best best best best.  It's ergonomically PERFECT-- a dream tool.  And, it's on Amazon (for cheap). 

I have this one--shiny gold and black-- and, I love it!

Heroic Movie Clothes: La Bamba

"La Bamba," about the life and death of Richard Steven Valenzuela, aka Ritchie Valens, is beyond superb.  Lou Diamond Philips, as Valens, dons the most beautiful suit jacket/shirt/tie/necklace combo imaginable.  Gorgeous.

Get something nearly as beautiful here

Get something more beautiful here


My friends and I wander down Kent Ave on the weekends, to check out the new arrivals at Academy Records in Greenpoint.  This 70s Opus One David Gilbert record, with its neon jacket and ultra kooky tracks, was an outrageous find. Delighted. To. The. Max.

Swift man. Real swift!

Pink, Green, Orange, Epcot

Mickey, Popeye,  Pinnochio, Orphan Annie